Labour and Employment Centre Janez Levec

The founder of Labour and Employment Centre Janez Levec is The Special Education Centre Janez Levec (CJL). Labour and Employment Centre Janez Levec was developed in 1953, evolving from training workshops which were part of CJL. This year we will celebrate our 60 universary. Our centre provides social assistance service of guidance, care and employment under special conditions. It offers an organized way of day care, meant for adults with mental disabilities and co-occurring disabilities. They can come to our centre after they finish education, and our low allow them that they come to our centre after they become 18 years old and above. Centre includes 32 individuals and 6 employers. 4 of them are work assistants, 1 is profesional leader, 1 is the sort of occupation therapist. Besides guidance and care the users can choose from the following types of employment:
  1. bookbinding programme,
  2. creative programme,
  3. programme of supporting service activities together with the green programme,
  4. Integrative employment
Working process is splited on separated fazes, so it is much more easy to work. This sistem provides comfortable way to work. Instead of salares they receive praizes based on money. Our social security sistem provides them also welfare services, which they receive monthly. The bookbinding employment programme carries out the work ofcompleting and packing of prints and promotional items, calendars, making paper bags, hand folding and sticking paper and carton and making folders, binding books and restoring old books. Users working in the creative programme make unique glazed items made of clay as well as natural vegetable soaps produced in the traditional way. We have also developed the felting process of wool and the sheep hair processing (cleaning, dyeing, combing and making felt). The felt that is produced is then used for making slippers, felt jewelry, gloves etc. The programme of supporting service activities together with the green programme involves the following tasks: cleaning and maintaining,  offering help at the kitchenette and with the food distribution as well as caring for the surroundings of the house (managing the green area and the herb garden). There are numerous other activities that are offered to our users: we take trips, visitingndifferent places, attend events and various institutions, celebrate birthdays and new years together. We are also active in the field of sports, attending competitions under the organisation of the Special Olympics and we also have an active team of basketball players. The users can also play table tennis and have a daily workout sessions.


Delovni in zaposlitveni center Janeza Levca
Karlovška cesta 18
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